Lidka Gatarek from Dublin, Ireland

“I have so much energy I feel like a goddess or Wonder Woman.”

Lidka Gatarek

Hello Anushruti,
First I want to let you knew how great I feel. My mind is clear, I have so much good ideas, like taking advantage of good weather and going for field trip. My energy level also grew. I’m waking up early and all day long I feel full of power. Before working with you after work I was forcing myself do to yoga or just watch Netflix. Now I was working in the garden or do work around the house with joy. I do not feel need to drink coffee or tea anymore.

I’m writing email to my mum- I will wait for her response. I hope it will be start of new chapter in our relation and will start process of fixing our relationship.

Our consultation was for me far more than I expected. Every one knew it- don’t eat sweets, fast foods etc. And yet, lots of the people are overweight or suffer some health issues caused by bad diet. I’m aware that sugar and fat cause weight gain. And yet I was eating all bar of chocolate or bag of crisps in one go.

You helped me understand why I have those cravings. and what I should do to fix my inner, buried problem so I won’t have need for all this comfort food. Our nutrition consultation changed to psychotherapy session. This holistic approach – not only for body but for the mind and spirit- is what I like the most about work you did with me. I knew that now I will be making better choices not only in my diet but also in every day life, my relations with other and the most important, with relation to myself.

Thanks for your guidance, for all the extra time you gave me, and for listening to my problems.
Forever grateful

Dr. Shrimati Das from Embassy of India GTICC, Mexico

Dr Shrimati Das from GTICC, Mexico

Embassy of India, Gurudev Tagore Indian Cultural Centre, GTICC , Mexico had the pleasure of inviting Anushruti during the celebration of International Ayurveda Day. The event gained much importance with the expert culinary advice and demonstration by her. Mexicans had a look into the Indian dimensions of Healthy Food and Cooking through Anushruti’s erudite presentation. The Indian Cultural Centre at Mexico is very happy to be associated with her.

Many good wishes to Anushruti for her future endeavours.

Dr ShriMati Das
First Secretary& Director Gurudev Tagore Indian Cultural Centre
Embassy of India
Mexico City, MEXICO

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