Health & Well Being Consultancy

My consultation programs will help you to align your body’s systems with your natural  rhythm (circadian rhythm) through the right food, sleep, exercise and meditation techniques by establishing routines and habits that are good for you. When we are in sync with our biological rhythm, we can experience good health and savour the joys of life. Weight loss, being full of energy and vitality,  great skin and hair and many other positive attributes are some of the positive outcomes of  following this process. -Anushruti

With support and hand holding in the beginning, my clients feel a strong sense of individuality and self confidence that empowers them to make the right choices towards their health and well being. Personal attention catered to the individual needs has a lot of healing power and I love to empower my clients in this way. Read client testimonials here.



Arogya is the sanskrit word for good health and according to the ancient principles of Ayurveda, arogya or health comes from three important attributes: ahara or food which is healthy, nutritious and consumed in a timely manner, vihara or lifestyle that includes, exercise, work, sleep, rest, recreation and meditation routines and aushadhi or timely medicine when required.

Ananda, a one month program

Ananda-discover the bliss of eating right and installing healthy habits

Health and immunity is not built overnight and nor does it come from swallowing magic pills available in the market. Research has shown that it takes 21 days to instill a new habit and my one month program Ananda sets you on a course to experience mind and body well being. The sanskrit word Ananda means bliss or joy and this program is designed for you to discover the happiness and joy that comes from eating right, having a balanced lifestyle and seeking wisdom from within.

The one month program will include 4 consultation sessions with me. Week 1 is dedicated for Cleansing and Detoxification, Week 2 for Healing, Week 3 for Rejuvenation and Week 4 for Nourishment.

In this program you will learn about reconnecting to your body’s natural circadian rhythm, set intentions for the right food and lifestyle that is good for you and avoid unhealthy habits that lead to lifestyle diseases. This will open up the channels in your body and get your energy flowing.

Based on your concerns and willingness, along with holistic nutrition and advice on lifestyle modifications, I can use ancient healing modalities like chakra healing and hand mudras to experience complete well being.

The habits and practices learned in this program if implemented correctly can bring about lasting change and offer lifelong benefits.

Duration: 4 weeks

Individual online consultations: 4


Shakti-unleash your inner strength

 “Shakti” in Sanskrit means strength and this program helps you to strengthen and implement the concepts learned in the “Ananda” program.The 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change. In this program we go deeper into aligning the body’s systems with its natural circadian rhythm which helps in healing the brain gut axis. You will also fine tune and set healthy routines established in the ananda program, learn to set intentions to avoid snacking and eat food that is good for you. When done consistently over a period of time all this will become effortless after you experience the benefits and pave the way for vibrant health.

Duration: 12 weeks

Individual online consultations: 8


Other Programs

I’m also available for a one time or single consultancy session.

Customised programs can also be made for individuals and corporates based on personal requirements.

Key benefits of the programs

  • Learn the art of gentle detoxification to assimilate the nutrients from food.
  • Develop personalised routines for your well being.
  • Determine what to eat, when to eat and how to eat.
  • Learn to set intentions to avoid snacking and unhealthy food.
  • Learn practices that soothe and heal the body through the five senses.
  • Know how to increase prana or positive energy with the five elements-earth, water, fire, air and ether.
  • Restore balance between the body, mind and spirit for health, happiness and success.

Well being can be achieved when our physical, mental and spiritual health are in balance and when this happens, we can tap into our body’s natural healing abilities. In a session with me you will learn to establish daily self care routines and practices that bring about a balance through the five senses.

With support and hand holding in the beginning, my clients feel a strong sense of individuality and self confidence that empowers them to make the right choices towards their health and well being. Personal attention catered to the individuals needs has a lot of healing power and I love to empower my clients in this way.

body, mind, soul


After a consultation with me, you will learn how to make the right choices in what you eat and drink and adopt habits and routines that will make you feel good about yourself. When you nourish yourself through habits and practices that are good for your body, mind and soul, you will be energised and happy. When this is implemented over a period of time you will see a transformation in the way you think, feel and relate to yourself and your environment giving you the freedom and empowering you to discover wellness attributes that are nourishing and liberating for your complete whole.

The Process

Step One—Pre Consultation Stage

A questionnaire will be sent out to you which will help me to understand the basics of your eating routines and exercise patterns.

Step Two—Consultation Stage

A 30 minute meeting online appointment is scheduled based on which a sustainable program is devised catering to your individual needs. Weekly interaction and review if you sign up for the one month program. Email support is also available if you sign up for a one month program.

Step Three—Post Consultation Stage

Practical guidelines and observations will be handed over to you based on the inputs during the consultation sessions.

I have very limited slots available every month, so if you want to get started on a journey to discover your well being, Get in touch now!


I have a post graduate degree in nutrition and dietetics and have studied Ayurved Aahar Vigyan (Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition) from International academy of Ayurved, Pune. I also consider myself fortunate to come from a family which is rooted in Ayurvedic traditions. My great grandfather was a vaidya (ayurvedic physician) and I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother about how he used to treat people for various ailments. Along the way he imparted precious secrets of medicinal herbs and spices to my grandmother who passed on the secrets to me. I have beautiful memories of sitting under the peepal tree in my grandmother’s home and listening to her speak about herbs, spices and wisdom galore. After years of study and research into wellness from the Ayurveda perspective, I now love to share my knowledge through my writings, shows and nutrition and well-being consultation sessions.

I have been spiritually inclined from a very young age and have been practicing meditation since my teens for nearly three decades now, having been inspired by the teachings of His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, one of the foremost vedic scholars in modern times. Read more about me here.